Monday, 5 May 2008

Mini Getaway to Caro Foresta Karuizawa

For Golden Week and Dixie's Birthday we decided to take a minibreak and spend the night in Caro Foresta Karuizawa. Last year we stayed in the Yamanakako hotel and it was great so we decided we would try the Karuizawa one which was just opened in March! We took the girls to a dog run/farm first but this was cut short by the rain so we decided to head to the hotel. The traffic was horrific and it took more than 1.5hrs to get to the hotel just 22kms away!
We checked in and let the girls check out the room and the dog run before a very yummy 5 course dinner. The next morning we ate a Japanese breakfast and let the girls have one more run in the dog run before heading off at 10am. On the way back to Tokyo we stopped in Takasaki and just by chance found that they were holding a month long flower festival in the parks and gardens there which was really beautiful. The weather was much better than yesterday with lovely sunshine. We had a great little get away!